Bobs Furniture Delivery

Ordered a bed frame, box spring, and mattress. Delivery was ok I guess, although the video shows how careless they are.

I also found it wasn’t helpful to bring the old mattress and boxspring outside for the delivery crew. Given the number of times they walked by it, apparently it’s still my responsibility to let the people know when I schedule delivery that I have a mattress and boxspring to dispose of. Oh yeah, I asked the salesman if the old items would be removed, and was told yes.

They even bumped into the mattress a couple of times.

According to Bob’s Customer Care:

5. Do you remove old furniture?

A- Unfortunately, we are only able to remove old bedding (mattress and foundation) if you purchased new bedding from Bob’s. We do not remove old furniture. Call your city or town to determine the best method of disposal, or search out a local charity that may be able to pick up your furniture and benefit from its reuse.