Best Gun/Class Setup For Black Ops 2!! Ep. 2 M8A1 Part 2

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Whats up guys, this is part 2. this is the breakdown portion of the class i used with the M8A1 for Black Ops 2 and all the perks and attachments that i used to fully maximize this guns ability.

Primary: M8A1

Secondary: FHJ-18 AA (Launcher)

Attachments: Quickdraw Handle, Adjustable Stock, Full Metal Jacket (FMJ)

Perk 1: Ghost
Perk 2: Toughness
Perk 3: Awareness

Wildcards: Primary Gunfire – Allows you to add a third attachment to your primary gun. (Sacrifice Lethal, Tactical, or Secondary), In order to add more Perks you must use these inplace of Lethals, Tacticals, and/or Secondary’s.

With this setup and use it how i explained it you will do a lot better. Thanks for watching. Leave me a like, subscribe and Fav. It helps a lot, thanks guys!!!

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