VENEZIA Modular Kitchens PRODUCTS:-

1. Laminated Marine PLY kitchens with ALUMINIUM Edge Banding (Classic Kitchens) (Best option for limited budget customers )
2. MDF Laminated + Marine PLY Modular Kitchens (Imported GERMAN JOINT FREE laminations), WideDesigns, Glossy & MATT
3. ACRYLIC Premium Modular Kitchens (German – Joint free Acrylic shutters )
4. Veneer + Marine PLY carcase Kitchens (Best option for Elegant Wood Finish kitchens )
5. 100% Stainless steel & STEEL Modular Kitchen ( INTERNATIONAL QUALITY)

Why we are Special: We use Quality Materials for Venezia Kitchens

1. Best Marine PLY (GREEN PLY) for Carcases.
2. EBCO Auto Close Hinges
3. EBCO Soft closure Hinges. ( Optional)
4. SLEEK / EBSCO ( Cutlery, Cup & Saucer, Plate Baskets) ( As per the option)
5. SR/ SH Adhessives
6. Quality Handles
7. Premium Quality Painting for carecases.

Pls let us know the Area ( Granite length) & budget for your kitchen. Then we would be able to propose the ideal kitchen as per your budget.

Thanking you once again…

Venezia Kitchens & Interiors
East fort, Thrissur
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