BenQ W1080ST 1080p 3D Short Throw DLP Home Theater Projector With a 10,000:1 High Contrast Ratio

BenQ W1080ST 1080p 3D Short Throw DLP Home Theater Projector With a 10,000:1 High Contrast Ratio and 2000-Lumen Brightness.

Brilliant Image Performance for Small Spaces
Enjoy a 1080p Full-HD home theater experience even in a smaller room with the short throw W1080ST projector from BenQ. Enjoy vibrant video with a 10,000:1 high contrast ratio and 2000-lumen brightness. Save space and enjoy big screen entertainment even in small rooms thanks to the W1080ST’s short throw ability–up to 65″ at 1m. Put the projector up close and don’t worry about screen obstruction or needing extra space for motion-sensitive gaming.

Experience Rich 3D Content
Showcase Full-HD content in sharp, 1080p definition and enjoy Blu-ray, video games and HD broadcasting in beautiful, high-contrast quality without downscaling or compression. The W1080ST supports multiple forms of 3D–including HDMI, Blu-Ray, 3D broadcasting, video games and NVIDIA 3DTV PC connectivity–in 1080p Full-HD for maximum enjoyment. You’ll appreciate uninterrupted viewing with no crosstalk thanks to DLP technology and new glasses designed for comfort and peak image quality.

Easy Setup with Multiple Connection Options
Featuring the connectivity options for a perfect home theater, you can play from many devices with HDMI x 2 and multiple inputs. Enhance your theater experience with built-in speakers. The built-in speakers are plug-and-play ready–only the power cord and video source connection are needed to prepare the viewing experience.

World-Leading SmartEco Technology Greens Up Your Living Room
Uncompromised brightness, exquisite picture quality and optimized lamp life–BenQ’s SmartEco technology has perfected what a DLP projector can do in home entertainment projector. With this special innovation, you are able to save up to 70% of lamp power consumption and lower maintenance costs through dynamic power saving features while bringing an ultra-vivid picture quality in every living room. The SmartEco Mode, which cleverly adjusts the lamp power to maximize power saving by delivering the best contrast and brightness performance using only as much light as needed. The Eco Blank mode allows you to blank the projection. When activated, this special feature dims the lamp power automatically, lowering the total power consumption by 70%.All you need to do is press the “Eco Blank Mode” button on the keypad or the “Blank” button on the remote control. You don’t have to worry it’s always fully lamp power consumption while you pause movie then leave. An automatic switch to Eco Blank Mode is turned on when the projector is on for over three minutes without a display source, eliminating unnecessary energy waste and prolonging the life of the projector lamp.

The BenQ Benefit
Accurate. Over 1 billion colors–compared to 16.7 million from many LCD projectors
Crisp. Bright, high contrast picture–3x more contrast than similar top-selling LCD models
Long-Lasting. Consistent quality–image is the same now and years from now
Short-throw projection ideal for small spaces
Full HD 1080p with support for 3D
SmartEco technology for longer lamp life

Colorific Technology Delivers Lifelike Color, Year After Year
For radiant, life-like color, trust BenQ to deliver. From business presentations and educational venues to spectacular events and home entertainment, Colorific from BenQ is the only way to experience your projected images. BenQ projectors’ DLP technology display more than one billion stunning colors, compared to only 16.7 million from many LCD projectors in the same class. Combining up to 7 different colors to create vibrant, true to life images versus traditional 3-color LCD architecture, projectors equipped with Colorific technology can deliver up to 3x more contrast than similar top-selling LCD models. Enjoy richer blacks and more luminous whites for easy to read images, with a consistent quality image–no light burn or reduction in color quality over time. Colorific images are the same now, and years from now.

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