BeatBuddy Mini Personal Drummer

Welcome back to ProGuitarShop and Today, we’re keeping time with the BeatBuddy Mini. The BeatBuddy Mini is a much smaller version of the original BeatBuddy, the groundbreaking personal drummer pedal that gives you real-time control of a virtual drummer without all the headaches of dealing with a real one. The BeatBuddy Mini contains over 100 songs from 24 different genres, so it’s not just geared towards rock musicians. The visual metronome makes it easy to stay in time with your personal drummer. A single footswitch and simple commands let you add fills, transitions, verse/chorus changes and the optional footswitch includes slick momentary switches for seamless control over many facets of the pedal, such as pausing and accents, while holding down footswitch accesses secondary functions such as Genre, Song or Tap Tempo. The BeatBuddy Mini takes control to the next level with its connectivity; players can connect it to an amp, headphones or even a set of PA speakers.