Beachy Bohemian by Tiny Heirloom | Lovely Tiny House

The Beachy Bohemian was built by Oregon-based Tiny Heirloom for a family of four. The colorful, beach-inspired home has bunkbeds for the two young boys and a bedroom loft with skylight for the parents.
The exterior has weathered yellow stain along the top and bottom of the house, which blend with the yellow double french doors. The bedroom loft bumps out over the deck to providing an overhang for the entryway.

The interior has several pops of color throughout, including the yellow door, a red accent wall around the door, teal green in the lofts, and green and mustard yellow in the kitchen. Along with the bunkbeds, the boys have a loft study area with desk and two chairs so they can continue their schoolwork while traveling.
The kitchen includes a three burner gas cooktop, oven, and refrigerator. The bathroom has a horse trough shower, composting toilet, and pedestal sink.
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