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One of the great joys of larger bathrooms is the space for beautiful and functional bathroom vanities. Whether you want the traditional vanity designed to hide those unsightly pipes and fittings while also providing a bit of storage space or you want a magnificent piece of cabinetry, you will find adequate space in the bathroom remodeling projects homeowners are doing today. So what are the basics of bathroom vanities you should know before you start planning your new extra bathroom or an enlargement of an existing bathroom, or even just a pleasing bathroom remodel?

If you have looked at a bathroom design or interior decorating magazine lately you will have certainly noticed that there is much greater variety in bathroom vanity cabinets than ever before.

1. More sizes. The days of one size fits all are long gone. Today you can choose an 18-inch depth if you want to preserve floor space (ideal in a small bathroom) or 24-inch depth for a larger bathroom and to provide more storage.

2. More heights. Everybody is not the same. Now you can choose bathroom cabinets and vanities in the best height for everyone. Standard vanities and cabinets come in heights ranging from 28 to 36 inches.

3. More material and finish varieties. Whether you want a traditional white vanity or a piece of antique furniture, it is all available. Particularly if you want a custom or semi-custom bathroom vanity, you can choose the wood, choose the finish and choose a cabinetry configuration unimagined thirty years ago.

4. More styles. Whether you want something contemporary and sleek or something reminiscent of Victorian elegance, you can have any style you want. Custom and customized bathroom cabinets can match any style in your home.

5. More price options. Whether you buy wholesale and assemble and install yourself or you have each piece of cabinetry custom-made, you can find a bath vanity in every possible price range.

6. Even stock cabinet sizes offer many options. Standard stock cabinet dimensions are:

– Sink Base: 15 — 72 inches wide; 28 — 36 inches high; 16 — 21 inches deep

– Drawer Base: 12 — 21 inches wide; 31.5 — 34.5 inches high; 21 — 24 inches deep

– Tall Linen Cabinet: 9 – 24 inches wide; 83 — 96 inches high; 21 inches deep

– Vanity Linen Cabinet: 9 — 18 inches wide; 48 — 83 inches high; 21 inches deep

– Vanity Hamper Cabinet: 15 — 18 inches wide; 31/5 — 33.5 inches high; 21 inches deep

7. Accessories. You can find the perfect accessories for your cabinetry to meet any need. From drawer inserts to organize makeup, toiletries, and hair care items to pull-out shelves and baskets for easy access to towels and washcloths, if you want it, you can get it.

8. The same variety in cabinet materials, finishes and styles that you choose from for your kitchen are also available for bathroom renovations. Beautiful custom cabinetry can be as elegant in the bathroom as the kitchen. And, because you are buying the same quality, you will also get cabinetry with the same protective coatings you expect in the kitchen.

9. There is no need to confine your choices to traditional cabinets. You can even choose from vanities that resemble costly antiques, and you can order them from your local cabinetmaker.

10. Absolute freedom to combine pieces in ways that best suit your needs is yours. You can combine open shelves with drawers and doors along with bathroom wall cabinets. You can mix cabinet heights for ultimate comfort and accessibility. Today, bathroom vanities can be whatever you want.

When you finish selecting your fine cabinetry for bathroom vanities, you can then choose the perfect sink and counter top, accessorize with stunning mirrors and lighting, and select the ideal fittings and knobs to complete the design and style for the bath remodel of your dreams.

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