Bathroom Towel Bars and Toilet Paper Holders (Quick Tips)

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Bathroom towel bars and toilet paper holders aren’t hard to install. These tips make for solid installs.

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This video shares the complete installation of 18 inch bathroom towel bars from American Standard. We share how to install the towel bars in studs so they won’t ruin the drywall or plaster. If you can find a stud to attach the towel bars to that ‘s the best method.

On the other hand, if you cannot access studs we recommend pre-planning your bathroom makeover, if you’re doing one, to include wood blocking in the stud walls for the towel bars.

If it’s not possible to add wood blocking then use plastic inserts for your screws. These will at the very least provide more support than screws going into drywall.

The first step is to find a stud. Locate your bathroom’s GFCI outlet as it’s likely in an electrical box attached to a stud. Place a stud finder next to the GFCI and locate the first stud. Slide your stud finder to the left or right and find the next stud, it should be about 16 inches away.

Once you’ve found the studs, dry fit the towel bar on the wall and mark the location for the bracket. Use a level to ensure the brackets are level and secure them to studs using 1 1/2″ wood screws. Double check the brackets are level then add your towel bar.

The video shares how to install towel bars and a toilet paper holder.

Btw, you’ll won’t drill into a water line if you attach towel bars and toilet paper holders to studs….or at least you’ll minimize that mistake!!! Always know where your water lines are located in the wall.