Bathroom Remodeling Series -Getting Started Video 2

Carpenter and builder Rob Robillard from explains the secrets behind planning successful bathroom remodel.

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Bathroom Remodeling – 5-Tips:Getting Started:
TIP 1: Order Your Fixtures: Get them onsite!
A bathroom remodel requires fixtures, cabinets, tile and counters.
Prior to starting your bathroom remodel take the time to identify a quality bathroom fixture manufacturer and make your selections early.I use American Standard for a lot of my selections for their Old World charm and traditional craftsmanship, combined with modern water-saving technologyEarly selection ensures that your contractors know what you want installed and can price accurately. One thing a lot of folks overlook is that subcontractors are specialists in their field.They can offer a lot of industry training and experience to assist in fixture selection and solve related problems
• Special issues
• Blocking needs and framing issues
• Electrical requirements
The BEST ADVISE is to choose your fixtures and get them on site where they can be inspected and stored for the project.
There is an exception… shower glass and counters
Shower glass doors like Basco shower doors and granite cannotbe purchased and delivered on-site early. Both items need to have templates made; after the tile and vanity are installed. It then takes 2-weeks to get the glass and granite installed. One way around wait for a granite counterChoose a vanity supplier like James Martin Furniture that supplies a counter and sink with their vanity.They have an Old World craftsmanship and timeless design. They use quality materials, has meticulous attention to detail an unparalleled understanding of function.BEST PART They offer vanities complete with granite counters and sinks.Once everything is on site let the sledge hammers fly!!!
It’s time for the 4-D’s in remodeling:
• Dust Control
• Dumpster
• Disconnect
• Demo
Tip 2: Dust control:
Follow BEST methods to control remodeling dust.
• Isolate work area – dust walls, taping doors shut, covering furniture and protecting walkway areas and floors.
• Capture dust at source – HEPA vac
• Use HEPA Air scrubber – negative pressure
• Debris chute – Avoid carrying materials through the non- remodeled house. Try to remove debris out windows and down chutes to the dumpster.
Tip 3: Dumpster:Do you need a dumpster or a dumpster bag?
A dumpster holds a lot and is a one and done situation. Typically a 15-yard dumpster will handle a medium bathroom remodel.
When a dumpster won’t fit – you should consider using dumpster bags
Dumpster bags are made is strong flexible, woven fabric that is strong enough to hold up to 3,300 lbs! And can take almost anything, even the kitchen sink!I like dumpster bags because they fit in places that a dumpster wont and are perfect for small jobs or in situations where your creating debris over time and don’t want to pay the rental fee or having that “dumpster eye sore” in your yard!
Tip 4: Plumbing Disconnect Disconnect the water lines to all of the plumbing fixtures and remove them. I use Sharkbite plumbing connectors to cap water lines.Tip 5: Demo:Remove everything that is screwed to the walls first.If possible leave doors intact – taped shut to keep in dust
• Gut walls first
• Gut ceiling second
• Remove flooring to subfloor last
• You may need to open up the subfloor if you are replacing or relocating bath fixtures [Re-Frame]The toilet is the foundation for all plumbing since it not only transports water but, it also has to bevented through the roof. With all of the other water lines tied into the main stack servicing the toilet, it is best to keep it in the same place whenever possible.If not, you need to consider how relocating it, impacts the structural integrity of the floor system.
You may need to re-rout, head off, replace, sister or apply ¾ plywood to joists to make the floor system work.
Conclusion:Proper planning prevents unnecessary roadblocks and helps you realize your vision by defining your space.
When you need to stop and rethink every step, planning and drafting in the field, you’re bound to miss some things, and those curve balls will slow you down and probably cost you in time and labor.The ounce of prevention here is making decisions prior to cutting lumber. Don’t gut the bathroom until the plumbing fixtures and vanity cabinet are on site Have a drawing and plan and then meet contractor’s in the bathroom space.Doing this will minimized stress, costly errors and maximize your budget to arrive at a spectacular project.