~Bathroom Organization Ideas | Decluttter the Bathroom~

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~5 Bathroom Organization Tips | Decluttter the Bathroom~

Not sure about all your bathrooms but, my bathroom is a mess and was needed in a make over. There are 5 areas in my bathroom that needed to be declutter because they were the most used areas in my bathroom.

The First area my family and I use a lot and need a lot is Q-Tips and Cotton Balls. I needed a place to house and storage these items that was accessible and organized.
1.) Find pretty, clean storage items to display on your vanity for everyday things such as Q-tips and cotton balls. I bought these clear glass jars from Walmart they are nice and simple and idea for our counter top.
2.) Next, my hair dryers and curling irons needed a home. I bought this over the cabinet door organizer from Amazon that is perfect and a great space saver.
Now under the sink is where I house a lot of my extra personal care items and cleaning products I found these organizers at the Dollar Tree and they are perfect.
3.) Tackle the linen closet and store like items, put wash cloths, hand towels and bath towels in separate bins or shelves. My linen closet is open and the first thing you see when you wall into my main bathroom so I needed this to be in “tip top shape”. These canvas cubes I found at Tuesday Morning; I used one for wash clothes, hand towel and the final one for extra towels. The top shelf is a Ikea white cube that I stored some light blankets and bedding.
4.) Declutter Bathing Towels and Robes. I found this over the door 5 hook organizer at Tuesday Morning as well. This hook organizer is perfect for bathrooms and bath towels.
5.) Finally, my personal bathroom drawer was chaos. I found these baskets at the Dollar Tree and help to keep my bath bombs, clips, facial wipes and brushes/combs organize.