B Dolan’s Kitchen Sink Part Two

I used a combination of Winsor Newton acrylics and inks for this painting. I heavily depend on an acrylic extender, as I am still incredibly naive, still, in the use of acrylic paints.

Special thanks to my dear friend Jonathon White for introducing me to the great work of B. Dolan and for his incredibly talented work on the first part of this painting. It will be the only good filming you will see, haha! Part Two was shot by me, so you get the idea. . .

Definitely check-out Mr. Dolan’s works. Incredible imagery, emotions, and socio-political commentary. “Kitchen Sink” is from the album, Fallen House Sunken City.

And please give some love and respect to my friend, Jonathon White. He is an incredible photographer and filmmaker. An incredibly creative and eclectic fellow.

Give him some love, and yourself a treat, on his page:

The song “Kitchen Sink” is from the album, Fallen House Sunken City.

You can find these songs and more here: