America’s Chesterfield Furniture | Review of Restoration Hardware RH Chesterfield Sofa

The Comfortable Couch Company (COCOCO Home Inc.,)
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At COCOCO we call ourselves “The Comfortable Couch Company” but we could just as well call ourselves America’s Chesterfield Company because no one else out there is doing the range of Chesterfields we are.

Like all of our furniture our Chesterfields are made in our plant in Newton North Carolina. We use a kiln dried hardwood frame designed by a professional engineer. Our spring system is an elite pocketed coil system made here in North Carolina by Leggett & Platt called soft-luxe and is the most durable and comfortable system on the market.. Our seat cushions are one of the areas where we really separate ourselves from the big retailers by just using better materials. We use a high density ultracel foam core topped with a layer of super-soft oscillated foam and that is wrapped in down. Great cushion. No upgrades needed.

Our tufted pieces, such as our Chesterfields are made using traditional upholstery techniques. Our craftsmen actually fold the leather into the pleats and using long upholstery needles and strong twine, pull the buttons and tie them off. This is highly skilled upholstery work and our employees are rightly proud of the work they produce. Restoration Hardware and the like sell tufted pieces they ha ve made for them in China but they are nor really tufted in a true sense. They use a process called pre-tufting where they sew the fabric or leather into the pattern they want and then take a button with a shank on it like this and push it through the back and then put a plastic lock washer on it to hold it in place. That is how they are able to make furniture using unskilled labor. I showed this to one of our upholsterers onetime and he was shocked , and then angry. That is cheating he said. Yeah, in a way it is.

Our Classic Chesterfield is our flagship product. We make it in three depths. Our 39” is a comfortable and supportive 22” deep seat. Perfect for smaller or more formal spaces. Our 46” gives you a really deep 29” deep seat that is made to lounge upon more than sit upon. Our 42” depth is far and away our most popular. It is an ample 25” deep seat that is great for curling up on, taking a nap or watching a game.

One of the things that makes us unique is the range of sizes we are able to do for our Chesterfields. We make our classic Chesterfield in one tuft increments—5 ½ inches- starting at a chair and going up to a 12 foot long couch. That is 18 different lengths. Nobody else does that. Oh, and you can choose how many seat cushions you want for most of those.

We also make our Classic Chesterfield as sectional components. We can do two piece sofa/chaise sectional scaled out from compact to expansive. We can also do corner and L sectionals using a square corner or a radius corner wedge. These can be scaled using different components to fill your space. If you are interested in a sectional, the best thing to do is measure your space to see what would be optimal and then call us and we can help configure a sectional for you that will be both functional and beautiful.

We know our furniture is not inexpensive but think it offers a great value. One of the ways we try to keep costs down is to come up with variations off of existing frames so that we do not have to start every style from scratch.

For example, We recently added a variation to our Classic Chesterfield with a taller bottom rail with more buttons. We are calling that one the “Traditional Chesterfield” and expect to be able to make any of our Classic Chesterfield pieces with this Traditional look.

Another variation on our Classic Chesterfield is the Chelsea Chesterfield with its dramatic tufted seat. We can even do that in a sectional.

12 Our Soho Chesterfield is a great example of this approach. Remember our classic Chesterfield has a 5 ½ inch tuft. The Soho has an 11” tuft so all we are doing is leaving off every other tuft which is why it only comes in every other length. but it creates a more contemporary pillowy look.

Almost all of our furniture styles started with a customer sending us a picture and asking “Can you make me this?’ and that applies to some of our newer Chesterfield styles.

We recently added our English Chesterfield after several customers asked about that look. The English features more of a flared arm and a back that wraps through the corner creating a cozy , comforting feeling. The English as a 23.5” seat depth that is just right for most people. This style will also come in a sectional with a radius corner with a curved front rail that is really sexy.