Amazing Simple Wooden Living Room Design

Simple wooden is an alternative solution to create beauty and artistic feel of a room. After a long wooden abandoned and people switch to using glass, steel and plastic as the main material of furniture, decorations and ornaments of the room, this time apparently the wood re-take its place. Many people glance back to the wood as the main material of furniture, decoration, ornament room to make beauty and give an artistic feel to a room. Natural impression in wood re-hypnotize many people to make the wood as the main material of furniture, ornaments and even decorating the room. Obviously, it is realized with some more creative ideas to touch. Therefore, the wooden furniture can be seen more integrated with the room without reducing the modern and contemporary feels of a room. It is a big mistake if you assume that the simple wooden living room only appropriate to be applied in classic style room design. Recent, simple wooden living room can be applied to any kind of concept of the room, both modern, contemporary, and classic. Thus, for you who want to use the wood as the main material of furniture, decoration and ornament the room, no need to worry to overhaul the design of the room, for furniture, decorations and ornaments made of wood principally can be applied to all room concept.

1. Elegant Wooden Living room design idea with black leather sofa and wood wall accent combined with wooden roof and simple modern brown rug
In a matter of choosing color, actually, in this case is determined on the taste and the main theme of building house you have. For a simple wooden living room design, you can use white, brown, or let the natural wood color giving a more natural shades. All is up to you, then set yourself free to choose the color according to the taste and major theme of your home. Most important is to stress that that the selection of colors and the concept of space are a unity that can not be planned separately. Because, beauty without unity will mess your room concept, then will make your room not beautiful at all in the end. The the main thing in this beauty of the room concept is the union between concepts, furniture, decorations, ornaments and color selection.
If you want to create a fresh new look for your living room by applying the concept of simple wooden living room, here are some pictures as an alternative solution to explore innovative and creative inspiration.

2. Classic comfortable Wooden Living room interior design with brown sofa set combined with wood roof and floor and wooden furnitures
3. Modern bright Wooden Living room with white furnitures and white wall combined with soft brown wooden floor and bright yellow curtains
4. Elegant cozy Wooden Living room home design with big sofa set and maple wood furnitures combined with simple mounted shelves and wooden floor with similar color of furnitures
5. Exotic Wooden Living room interior design with wood black sofa trim set combined with bright brown wooden floor and wide mirror above the long sofa
6. Amasing modern wooden living room idea with bright white simple sofa accompanied with red and white pillows, combined with soft brown wooden floors and layering curtains
7. Warmt minimalist wooden living room idea with brown sofa sets with wooden table and table set combined with gray wool rug
8. Cozy creative wooden living room idea using simple brown strips patterned sofa set combined with wooden floor
9. Modern wooden living room interior design with soft gray sofas on combined orange pillows and patterned carpet
10. Luxury wooden living room with comple dark brown furnitures and soft brown floors with wooden wall
Natural feel to the touch of wood will make the room look more artistic, elegant, stately, and gives the impression of a high enough authority.