All Black Modern Gothic Bedroom Design

Love Gothic? Then I’ve found an eye-candy for you, this is a neo gothic bedroom loft with a home office. Its look is so bold and eye-catching that when looking at it you just can’t take your eyes off!

Black is the main color here, and it really rules the space. The walls are charcoal black, and the headboard wall is done in black brick to add variety to the space. The floors are clad with charcoal grey and black wood to complete this black backdrop and make it cool; the ceiling is grey.

The furniture is cool and bold in the best traditions of modern gothic: black with stainless steel, sharp, angular and unique. These are the first words that come to mind when I see the home office nook with a desk and chair, lit with three hanging lamps. Next to the window you’ll see a sitting nook with two leather and stainless steel chairs and a coffee table, they look very harmonious in such a space. A large wardrobe with a mirror door is a cool storage solution that doesn’t spoil the room décor. The bed is dark with an upholstered headboard, it looks comfy and sharp.

What really makes the room is accessories and decorations: stucco on the walls and ceiling, a bird statuette, a volume frame mirror above the bed and a fantastic chandelier made of black glass spheres. The textiles are rather rough and plain to make the design more edgy.