AGE hilo Highchair

Because it
looks pretty awesome.
When we were working out the design of the HiLo chair, we kept in mind that all we wanted was a simple, good looking modern piece of furniture, that would strategically combine premium materials such as aluminium, hardwood and colourful high grade plastics.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Because it is smarter buying one chair than three.
We admit it, the HiLo chair might be a bit more expensive than others, but it is well made, sturdy, smart and, best of all, grows up with your kids between the ages of 6 months and 6 years — by our calculation allowing two chairs to take early retirement, and saving you some money in the process.

Because it (barely)
needs any maintenance.
Think about how much time you spend cleaning your kids’ mess, both in general and in particular the mess they leave behind for you on their high chair. While we can’t help you with the mess left in the bathroom, we can reduce high chair clean-up time by 70%. And that’s not just a bullpoop statistic: when we designed it, our objective was a 30 second clean-up timeframe.

Adding the HiLo chair to your growing family will buy you precious moments of quality time that you would otherwise have spent cleaning up whatever the heck that stuff was that Junior left under his plate {yecch}.

Because it is smarter buying one chair than three.

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