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Bonethane Vs Acrylic Vs Glass Splashbacks for the DIY Enthusiasts. New online shop, buy and save.

To understand the difference between the substrates one must ask them selves what material is the right choice for their application.

The substrates used in this clip are to demonstrate the clarity of each product which have been applicated with the same colour and shows there is no difference in clarity, however performance is another factor that must be considered. While glass can not be cut after being toughened, Acrylic & Bonethane and be cut onsite.

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Things you should now:

Acrylic can be cut on site, it is prone to cracking and splitting if material is not braced and preparation is not followed.

Bonethane Premium is crafted and customised to have the same cutting fabrication as MDF, making it 38% faster when installing. Bonethane is superior in heat to Acrylic, but not glass.

Glass and amazing substrate but even up on a wall after a couple of years can explode due to pressure and movement in walls, overhanging cupboards or ground movemet.

While all the substrates in this video serve some sort of benefit to the end user, it is also good to note and understand that not all materials perform the same even, if they look alike.

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