Acrylic Pouring – Behr Deep Base Pour/Dirty Pour w/Dimethicone and Torching – Video 3

This is the third video in a series of four. I did a direct pour of Behr Deep Base mixed with Pigment Powders onto a dirty pour. Then I tilted the canvas and torched.

Paint in the cup —
Artist’s Loft in Brilliant Magenta, Brilliant Blue, and Deep Green
Valspar Signature in Stained Glass
Glidden Diamond in Fresh Tangerines and mis-mixed Tea

Pearl Ex Pigment Powders mixed into Behr Premium Plus Deep Base – Brilliant Gold and Green/Purple

Scripto WindResistant Lighter
Wet Platinum (dimethicone product found on the reproductive health aisle)

Stir Sticks
Paper Towels/Rag

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