Accent Chair – Carrington Model by Avenue 6 – Review and Demo in 4K Ultra HD

Accent Chair – Carrington Model with the Groovy Red Fabric from Avenue 6 – Review and Demo in 4K Ultra HD by John D. Villarreal.

John and Salma got a pair of these accent chairs by avenue six to add more seating to their living room and liven up the color scheme. They assembled them and now give you a review and John demonstrates the chair for you. Let us know what you think!

Note: Salma El Marjiya Villarreal, John D. Villarreal, and CNM were not asked or paid by Avenue Six (or any entity or person related to Avenue Six) to make this video. They wanted to make this video on their own. All comments/opinions contained in this video are their own personal opinions only, and their honest opinions. John purchased the Avenue Six Carrington model accent chairs through a bonus program at his work (Mercedes bonus program).