Aaron Shoots a Bear at IKEA | kids Adventure to Ikea Earns them a Wooden Train | Simple6 Vlogs

Random trip to Ikea turns into a funny movie for Joseph and Aaron.

Aaron is a funny little dude doing some dabs.

Our simple family takes random trips around town just to get out of the house. We usually go to the Ranchy and spend the evenings there when there is no church service. The Ranchy is a large piece of land my family owns. We see that place as our private park, adventure zone, outdoors fun, and more. it is also where we plan to build our dream home one day.
Anyway back to our story of the day. This is a short portion of the video that Joseph and Aaron made that day. the long version is on their toy channel, JAM TOYS.
It is not a big channel as Ryan ToysReview by any means but we have fun making toy videos and it’s also something Joseph and Aaron love doing.
Aaron got to see and touch a cowhide and daddy tried to scare him but he was not really scared.
I found it funny how he is walking the store and simply throwing stuff at Joseph who is riding in the stroller.
After this trip we went home and built the train with them, it was fun to be able to rearrange the tracks in many different ways.
There’s a scene in this video where we almost caught a bear!
Later in the video Aaron says he’s gonna “Shot” the bear. Daddy thinks he’s going to give him a shot with a sering but instead shoots the bear with an imaginary shot gun!
The ikea egg chair was a favorite for Aaron.
It is called the Ikea PS LOMSK swivel chair.
At $69 is not bad considering that it looks pretty solid and it makes it so fun for them because it
creates a secrete hiding place for them when the hood is closed.

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