A Pennywise IT Ghost Story Inspired By Real Events

A real Pennywise or IT is existing in our world in form of a menacing ghost – sighted in the area of Liverpool.Going by the name of Zozzaby he could be the real Pennywise Clown that all Kids are so in fear of! #itmovie
What is the real story behind Pennywise Creepypasta ? Why do they call the clown It ? These are questions I take a look at in my IT videos. The new It movie 2017 is hitting theaters this year – it stars Bill Skarsgard and tells the story of the loser’s club – who is fighting an evil demonic monster, also known as Pennywise the dancing clown. The original movie based based on Steven King’s Novel and was a hit when it first was released.

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Fun Fact: Es 2017 – The german title of the movie

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