A Look At The DeWalt Battery Powered Table Saw

I quickly go over what I think of the saw, highlighting what I think is good and bad about the saw.

On the good side:
– Smooth, coated top (not raw aluminum)
– compact and fairly lightweight
– welded tubular steel frame
– all metal lift and tilt mechanism
– “real” insert plate
– fabric shrouds on the inside to block dust
– tilt function is smooth and efficient

On the bad side:
– some play in the blade lift mechanism
– miter slots wider than standard
– overly complex fence system
– power switch paddle turns the saw off under it’s own weight
– marks on the scale are “fatter” than they should be for precision work.

These are just ones that I saw in my very brief experience with the saw and more may crop up after some time using it. Overall, this saw has more going for it than against it, so I would recommend it if it fits your needs.
A bit more on the fence – while it is complex (and therefore more prone to mechanical failure), it does perform well and is solid when locked down.