A 1980’s DIY Desk Makeover Using Beyond Paint and Stain – Thrift Diving

– Using a couple coats of Bright White furniture paint from Beyond Paint and dark stain, this old 1980’s orange wood desk got a complete makeover! This project was brought to you by Beyond Paint. #ad

For the materials list:

For more information about Beyond Paint, visit:


0:13 Introduction
0:35 Cleaning the desk
0:45 Sanding the desk with 60-grit sandpaper
1:15 Sanding the desk with 100- and 220-grit sandpaper
1:35 Applying stain
1:45 Wiping off stain
1:51 All about Beyond Paint
2:01 Applying paint
2:46 A word about Beyond Paint sealer
2:57 Decorative knobs
3:00 We’re done!! See the BEFORE &AFTER
3:33 Bloopers! Behind the scenes stuff that didn’t make the cut 😉

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