#92 School Bus Conversion Skoolie Drawers and Bathroom Doorway

In this video, I make small adjustments to the cabinet drawers to make them work well. For me, it was all about moving the supporting struts around so that the drawer slid back and forth smoothly.

To be honest, I didn’t quite get it perfect, it’s just good.

Next I do some more table saw work. I added in a little outtake from one of my favorite carpenters. You can find the whole of Jimmy DiResta’s table saw tips here:

I hope it’s ok with Jimmy that I added this in here, but he explained it far better than I did.

The next project was fairly uninspiring, but quite important. I filled the gap between the hallway/kitchen with grout and a piece of steel I adhered with a two part heavy duty epoxy.

Finally, I do a lot of adhering polywall plastic to the door that I’ll be using for our pocket door. I’m unsure that this will work. The polywall advises a specific adhesive that I don’t have. I used liquid nails and silicone instead. Time will tell if it worked.

Liquid Nails –
White Silicone –
Sliding Drawer Hardware –

The Man – Clueless Kit