85 Insanely Clever Organizing and Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home Part 2

There’s always the option of buying a thousand plastic storage totes, but maybe you don’t have to.

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85 Insanely Clever Organizing and Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home

42. Use a paperclip holder instead.

43. Store your hairdryer in a PVC pipe.

44. Use the inside of your cabinet doors.

45. Use an old muffin tin.

46. Try using drawer dividers.

47. Stack Mason jars.

48. Make an empty tin can organizer.

49. Use a shoe box and toilet paper rolls.

50. Store pens upright in cork trivets.

51. Create an organizer out of a tree stump.

52. Organize your supplies into Altoids tins.

53. Organize your schedule on a clothesline.

54. Use pails for incoming and outgoing mail, tasks, etc.

55. Use a spice rack holder for craft supplies.

56. Use a wine rack to store your yarn.

57. Store craft supplies in vintage candy jars.

58. Make a ribbon holder use curtain rods and lengths of chain.

59. Store glitter in salt shakers.

60. Put twine in a sugar dispenser.

61. Or … use a Mason jar.

62. Store twine using a picture frame.

63. Use old plastic bottles to store ribbon, twine, or whatever else.

64. Store knitting needles in a binder.

65. Hang your scrapbooking supplies in a closet.

66. Use tick Tic Tac containers for ribbons.

67. Store plush toys using a shoe organizer.

68. Build a plush animal “swing.”

69. Use a ladder with baskets to store stuffed animals and other toys.

70. Try some bungee cord storage.

71. Store bath toys the easy way.

72. Repurpose a plant hanger for children’s toys.

73. Keep game board pieces in their places.

74. Store plush animals in a bean bag cover.

75. Put pictures on plastic bins so that children understand where to put their toys.

76. Label cubbies or bins with letters so children can learn.

77. Organize kids’ stuff (or your stuff!) on a road trip.

78. Display your kids’ artwork on clipboards.

79. Create a “pincushion” for your tools.

80. Mount paint swatches on a hook.

81. Recycle your tin cans.

82. Use a belt rack for your wrenches.

83. Get these adorable tennis balls to hold your keys and other loose items.