1. shared teenage boys’ bedroom with bunk beds and colorful carpet.
2. Traditional bedroom retreat with red and blue accents and plenty of storage .
3. Bright, contemporary bedroom with pale green walls and suspended shelf storage .
4. Contemporary teenage boy’s bedroom featuring a bright color palette and minimalist furniture .
5. Sleek black and white bedroom with a mobile bed and an overall contemporary décor .
6. Intimate teenage boy’s bedroom with a dark color palette and contrasting textures .
7. Eclectic bedroom interior with bunk beds, contemporary furniture and blue accents throughout .
8. Spacious black and white teenager’s bedroom featuring clever wall storage systems .
9. teenager’s attic bedroom featuring grey and beige accents .
10 . Small but cheerful teenage boy’s bedroom with bright orange accent details .
11. Shared attic bedroom with an overall simple, bright and modern interior décor .
12. A traditional boy’s bedroom with contrasting black and yellow décor details .
13. Minimalist bedroom with a black and grey décor and a space-saving pull-out bed .
14. Contemporary teenage boy’s bedroom featuring a climbing wall and sports theme décor .
15. Very simple and tranquil bedroom interior with functional wall storage system .
16. Colorful boy’s bedroom with white, orange and blue accents .
17. Functional and inviting bedroom with a clever space-saving interior design .
18. Very airy boy’s bedroom with lots of open shelves on all the walls .
19. Small boy’s bedroom with a contemporary design and built-in storage .
20. Space-efficient boy’s bedroom with sleeping nook and under-bed storage .
21. Chic boy’s bedroom with bunk bed and built-in desk and reading nook .
22. Football-inspired teenage boy’s room with a combo of vintage and modern details .
23. Spacious open bedroom with wall storage and a minimalist décor .
24. A music-inspired boy’s bedroom featuring rustic and vintage décor details .
25. Nautical-inspired boy’s bedroom with red and blue accents and striped wallpaper .
26. A shared boys’ bedroom with a traditional interior design and a blue chromatic palette .
27. Very simple and airy boy’s bedroom with minimalist furniture and fun decorations .
28. A modern and spacious teenager’s bedroom with minimalist décor details and a simple color palette .
29. A vintage boy’s bedroom with chic decorations and an overall cozy and inviting décor .
30. Contemporary bedroom featuring oversized artwork and subtle accent colors .
31. A small and simple boy’s bedroom featuring functional storage spaces and small bursts of color .
32. A fun tree house-inspired boy’s bedroom with painted walls and wooden furniture .
33. A colorful and dynamic teenage boy’s bedroom with lots of storage spaces and eye-catching patterns .
34. A simple and modern boy’s bedroom with colorful wallpaper and a striped rug .
35. A traditional boy’s bedroom with cozy interior and sports-related decorations .
36. Green teenage room with a lot of space .
37. Media system for a teenage room .
38.Shared teenage boys room with a green theme .
39. The future boys room you should take in consideration .
40. Kids room with airplane wallpaper .
h/t Homedit
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