#3 Electric Guitar: Amp Volume & Positioning

In this instructional video for Church musicians, Grant Norsworthy speaks with electric guitarist Evan Redwine about setting appropriate volume levels and the best position for the amplifier.

THE BAND of volunteers from City Church East, Nashville, TN. USA
– Evan Redwine – electric guitar (www.evanredwine.com)
– Jonathan Truman – drums/percussion
– Zach Vinson – keyboard
– Aaron Sands – bass guitar
– Emily Roig (www.emilyroig.com) – vocals

– Chris Raines – videographer (www.bullhornmedia.tv)
– David Lim – live audio engineer

– Grant Norsworthy – Producer/Director (www.grantnorsworthy.com)
– Chris Raines – Video Editing (www.bullhornmedia.tv)
– Evan Redwine – Audio Mixing (www.evanredwine.com)

Shot @The Anchor Fellowship
629, 3rd Avenue South “SoBro” Nashville TN 37210

Thursday, 1/14/16