2×4 Twin Bed Frame

This video documents my build of a twin size box frame for my bed and doubles as an early foray into video editing with Blender. To be clear: I have no idea what I am doing when building or editing. There is much that could be cut from this video, but I’ve simply worked on it for far too long and must move on to another project.

Previously to this, my mattress had been propped up and tied down to a coffee table and an ottoman of roughly the same height. While being elevated as opposed to laying on the floor was nice for awhile, the height discrepancy eventually caught up with me. Twice too many times I woke up with a severely pinched nerve in my neck and finally decided that enough was enough. I knew that my roommate had an unused angle-iron wheel-base that I could cut down to size with my newly acquired angle grinder. From there I received a great deal of guidance for the build – as well as access to supplies – from the mustachio’d gentleman also seen in the video and owe him a great deal of appreciation for it.

“Put your sheet-stock back in sheet-storage… ”