20 Small Kitchen improvement idea

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20.► 0:27|Fix the counter top!

19.► 0:54|Mount a Table on the wall

18.► 1:21|Add a Rolling Island

17.► 1:52|Be smart about buying your cutting boards

16.►2:13|Expand your kitchen with Patterns

15.►2:41|Dig Up the Sink

14.►3:06|Mount Wavy Shelves to update your kitchen cabinets

13.►3:30|Kitchen design ideas, Get Glossy

12.►3:54|Splash Metallic Element

11.►4:19|Trim with Colors

10.►4:46|Install Extra Storage

9.►5:15|Create a Rack Chandelier

8.►5:46|Build yourself some open shelves out of Copper.

7.►6:19|Apply a Monochromatic Look

6.►6:48|Hang some Oversized Art

5.►7:10|Organize your Spices

4.►7:37|use Molding to pull it all together.

3.►8:02|Light up your Shelves

2.►8:29|Kitchen remodel idea: Split the Tone

1.►8:54|So you’re the short cut one.k

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