1968 Lincoln Continental – review, walkaround and test drive of an American Classic car!

When looking for a new car, you might be interested in modern conveniences like power windows, auto leveling suspension, automatic climate control and auto high beam. Well you might be interested in the Lincoln Continental, of 1967.

The ’68 Lincoln Continental is as much an American luxoboat as one can imagine. Built in the heyday of American luxury sedans, it is an epitome of big, plush and powerful. It tells the story of the American Dream with an abundance of chrome, metallic paint inside and out, advanced gadgetry and pre-EPA V8 power. All that packed in a stylish, elegantly designed coachwork.

Today every car is about road feel. You know what has a good road feel!? A shopping cart! I don’t care about road feel in a luxury car. I want to have comfort and I want to feel as little of the road as possible.

The bench seats are like the comfy couches in your living room. They’re like riding sofas, inviting you to drive for hours and hours, playing rock-n-roll on your 8-track.

With a bench seat in the back and an electronically adjustable bench seat in the front, the ’67 Lincoln Continental is a true 6-seater. But the trunk of this car can fit even more bodies than the passenger space. The cavernous room of 18 cubic feet is as big as the trunk space of a Ford’s biggest SUV; the Expedition.
Getting in and out is a blast with its badass rear suicide doors. Who removed this feature from modern cars?

The list of technical features of this car may be even more impressive than its size.

The Lincoln Continental was so technically advanced that it was equipped with power outlets for all passengers to charge their phones. Pity it took so long for the market to develop cell phones.
This Lincoln furthermore features an electronic power antenna and an 8-track player. Back in the day, you were able to choose between an AM/8-track player or an AM/FM radio when you ordered one of these cruise ships.

With the automatic temperature control this car will not only make you look cool, but will also keep you cool. No matter if you’re driving through the extreme heat of Death Valley or the colder climates of the Rocky’s, the automatic temperature control will make sure the interior temperature will be just right.

To top off the list of interior luxuries, the Continental is equipped with cruise control to maximize your comfort on longer trips.

Driving this luxurious Lincoln makes you lose all sense of urgency. It makes you understand why they’re called luxoboats. The suspension feels like a ship cruising along on an quiet sunny day and the steering feels just like steering a ship too. Very light with a slow response. It’s like your windshield is a big screen that makes you dream away while you see the world passing along.

The 7.6L (462 cu in) V8, paired to a 3-speed automatic C6 transmission, boasts 340 hp and came stock with a dual exhaust in the back. 485 lb-ft of torque brings the car to 60 mph in roughly 9.5 seconds.

The detail in fit and finish of the door and the rest of the interior is astonishing.

There is lots of chrome in and on this car. And where you see chrome, there’s actual chrome plated metal, no cheap plastic. That being said, the whole interior boats a delightful lack of cheap plastic parts. Doors and seats are covered with thickly cushioned chesterfield buttoned leather.

People are always talking about American cars not being able to take corners, well this one does take corners.

It doesn’t fit through this street, but that is because the street is too narrow. Every street should be adjusted to this car, not the other way around. Because this car is awesome!

So… what is our conclusion? Actually, there’s only one thing that comes up. What car makers call luxury these days is a joke.