12U 19 inch 2 Post Rack Cisco 2600 Installation Mounting

MyDealStash Installs / Mounts a Cisco 2600 Router to the..
12U 19in Desktop Open Frame 2 Post Rack
Made By StarTech

NOTE: I installed this Router on the top post placement. I would NOT RECOMMEND THIS for everyone. I installed the Router on top of the Rack so it would be easier to show you what I was doing. Please start with installing equipment from the bottom of the rack and work your way up. This will provide you with safer and easier installation.

Also, check out this link below, for proper cage nut placement.

Video Timeline
0:03 Using needle-nose pliers to fix bent bracket.
0:29 Mounting Cisco 2600 series bracket to router to prep for rack mounting.
1:13 Using a Flat-head screwdriver to install M5 cage nuts to the post.
1:42 NOTE: Make sure your spacing is correct for your screws. Only one extra space between your upper and lower M5 cage nuts.
2:10 Taking out a M5 cage nut.
2:21 Putting it back in the M5 cage nut into the correct location.
2:29 Using the M5 Panel screws as guiders to make Router installation easier.
2:45 Mounting M5 Panel screws close-up.
3:15 Re-check tightness of all your screws.
3:27 Pointing out optional mounting wholes for rubber feet.

Installing a Cisco 2600 Router to the top post holes of the 12U Rack. Also a BONUS in the beginning on fixing a bent bracket. This Rack is great for CCNA and CCNP labs! That is what I use it for.

What was used:
1 x 12U 19in Desktop Open Frame 2 Post Rack
1 x 2611XM Cisco Router
1 x Flat-head Screwdriver
1 x Phillips-head Screwdriver
4 x M5 Cage Nuts
4 x M5 Panel Screws (I just call them screws)

Mount smaller rack mountable devices right at your desk with this lightweight 12U 2 post desktop rack. The RK12OD 12U 19in Desktop Open Frame 2 Post Rack provides the perfect mounting option for smaller Audio/Video and IT equipment where space is limited and a full sized cabinet is not required. The 12U rack features a compact and lightweight free-standing design that is suitable for installation on or around your desk giving you easy access to the mounted equipment in your workspace. This lightweight 2 post rack is engineered to meet EIA rack mount standards and includes a pack of 20 M5 screws and Cage Nuts, allowing you to mount up to five devices into the rack right away. Backed by a StarTech.com lifetime warranty.

Whats in The Package
2x Side Posts
2x Bottom Braces
8x Assembly Screws
20x M5 Cage Nutes
20x M5 Panel Screws
1x Crossbar

Where to Buy

(I bought from here.)

I bought mine from NewEgg. Quick processing and fast shipping.

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