10 Things about OSRAM Sylvania Lightify Flex RGBW Strips for your DIY Smart Home

Here are 10 things you should know about OSRAM Sylvania Lightify Flex Strips. Are you interested in smart led lighting that will make your home the talk of the neighborhood?

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Hi again, John Stone the DIY Smart Home Guy on the channel that’s all about helping you make intelligent home automation decisions for your affordable smart home. Today we’re going to look at the OSRAM Sylvania Lightify Flex RGBW LED Strips.

These fit into the category of Smart Connected Lights and are full color LEDs, meaning you get Red – Green – Blue and wide range of adjustable white.

These are full spectrum LEDs, which means you can control the strips to make just the right color using red green blue color combinations.If you watched Part 2 of my how to start you smart home series you saw that I’m using these as accent lighting on my home theater display, under my bar and around my guitar case.But to be honest, I rarely control Flex strips by voice commands since my schedules and robots are so efficient.

Inside the box you’ll find a sexy 12 volt power supply, the Zigbee LED strip light controller and three two-foot light strips.These are high quality LED strips.

So the lesson here is: you really have to decide how important it is to have full control over your LED lighting through your smart home hub.

And yes, you do need a hub for the OSRAM Lightify LEDs.

You can either use something like a SmartThings hub, a Wink Hub or you can pay Sylvania the 30 to 40 dollars for the lightify gateway, which is pretty much limited to Lightify devices and maybe a few other Zigbee devices.

You’ll notice that the pin sequence on the Lightify is Black, Red, Green, white then Blue.

Once the strips are linked to the OSRAM Gateway or your Home Automation Hub, you’ll have full control with your Amazon Echo or Google Home.

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